PUBG Mobile still playable in India just by 1 easy Trick | Is PUBG ban is just a joke?


Despite the ban by the Government of India, You can still play PUBG Mobile by using 5 seconds trick in India. A large community is already playing it.

Yes, you have read correctly. It has been a few months now since the government’s decision to ban PUBG Mobile in India. In these months, there was loads of improvement concerning the same, about how the game could come back to India.

The decision of the Government of India to ban PUBG Mobile is a shock for the gamers across the whole country. Every different day, you would possibly see headlines on the web telling you about how the sport may come again to India and what can be new about it.

The majority of people in India are already enjoying this game- thanks to 1 easy trick.

So, you just no need to wait for the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India. You can simply continue to play this game like the rest of the world. You can complete with all your progress, purchases, and friends list.  Yipee, Sounds good! Sadly, iPhone users still need to wait for an official release via the App Store but there’s no limitation to how Android users can play the game.

PUBG Mobile: How can one download it?

It seems that the official ban on the app’s presence in Google Play Store and other app stores isn’t enough. Neither is the website blockage for Indian users of any help. Many websites will provide you a direct link or direct you to download the APK file from a third party. It is not safe for Android phones.

Trick: A VPN service will help you to download the PUBG Mobile app from the Official website, without risking your device security. I tried the trick mention below and it works fantastic. Here are the steps:

-Download any  VPN app in your Android system. There are many such companies out there on the Play Store. Paid as well as free. You don’t need to buy the paid version of VPN as speed doesn’t matter here. This method would take hardly 5 seconds.

-Once it is downloaded, choose a different region other than India.

-Then, open any web browser on your phone and head over to the PUBG Mobile global website.

-The site opens with the APK download link pasted right on top. Click on it and start downloading the file.

-Install the file after downloading and open PUBG Mobile. Let it install all the necessary files and you are good to go. You can even sync your progress with Facebook and other social media services.

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend to use any trick as PUBG Mobile is ban in India.

Is PUBG Mobile ban joke in India?

By watching the current situation, we can say this. The lack of strong cybersecurity laws and enforcement creates this situation. All the government has done is simply asked the game distributors to remove the download links.

Moreover, it is upon us to follow the laws of the land. PUBG Mobile will surely re-launched in India with some new exciting features to please the Indians.

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