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PUBG’s new season is adding a much smaller map

PUBG’s new season is adding a much smaller map

PUBG’s new season is releasing soon. This time Season 10 comes with slightly different features. This time you will get a much smaller map as compared to the previous seasons. To know everything about PUBG’s new season, scroll down.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to enter its 10th season. This time you will get a very small map. The new map of season 10 is called Haven.

Haven comes with several new features that haven’t been in previous PUBG maps. It includes:

  • An enemy AI faction.
  • An antagonistic helicopter roaming the skies. 
  • A deadly armored truck
  • Heavily guarded supply caches
  • It is the smallest map where 32 players can play.

It is a 1×1 map for 32 players.  Everywhere you will see concrete and steel, rusting hulks of factories and warehouses. It is inspired by the decaying steel industry in America’s Ohio Valley and Rust Belt.

Haven is a concrete jungle that promises to give PUBG its greatest sense of verticality. Unlike the shifting nature of Season 9’s Paramo, Haven’s locations will be fixed, and the map’s factories and cranes will become players.

This is a drastic step in the direction of PUBG. PUBG creative DirectorCurd, during the time of the pandemic, decided to give the give a new look with his completely different ideas.

Curd told that the map’s design was inspired by the PvE faction.

An AI ecosystem seemed to be the thing that the team was most excited about,” Curd said in a recent interview. “And then you think, well what kind of environment really suits that?’ So if we wanted to have a kill truck on patrol we start thinking about gridded city streets. If we wanted lots of platoons of AI to come across, again that dense city setting makes a lot of sense.”

Curd mentions that one of Haven’s most interesting new features will be – The Kill truck, particularly when it comes to The Pillar. It is technically called the Pillar Tactical. It is a huge armored truck that patrols the streets and can’t be killed.

If you get spotted by the Pillar’s helicopter that constantly flies around the map, it will shine a light on you, alerting enemy players to your presence and sending the deadly tactical truck to hunt you down.

Haven is also a dense city, there are plenty of buildings to jump into and evade the kill truck, even after it starts throwing Molotov cocktails at you. Due to its smaller size, Haven will only support 32 players in each match, and for now, is limited to just solo and duos matches.

Haven is called a seasonal map, which means that it will leave the game after season 10 ends. Players are equipped with an emergency parachute which can be used to descend from a variety of elevated environments, such as tall buildings and cranes.

Season 10 also introduces a new AI enemy called The Pillar, a group of military contractors whose goal is to guard Haven’s high-tier loot caches.

PUBG’s New Season Map Haven’s Districts

Industrial Zone

In the North direction, players will explore the Industrial Zone.  The Industrial zone consists of factories, chemical manufacturers, and storage facilities.

Carbon Steelworks

At the center of Haven, we find a massive mill- the Carbon Steelworks Complex. This location offers gunplay at all ranges, but you need to check those dark corners! Explore its fiery depths to secure precious loot, or use your parkour skills to explore the rooftop!


 Fight to the very top of our high-rise apartments, and use the tactical parachute to float down to the crowded streets below, and be careful- the Pillar Tactical patrols Main Street!

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