Putlocker 2021: What’s Putlockers new website? Is Putlocker Legal?

Putlocker 2021

Putlocker 2021 is an online web file hosting website for streaming entertainment media. Putlocker provides you free Copyright content like Movies and TV Shows. No doubt, there are many movies and tv shows streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. But you need a subscription package to access these applications. You can watch Putlockers extensions to watch free movies.

Putlocker 2021

It provides you free Hollywood movies for free. Putlocker was originated in the United Kingdom in 2011. Almost every country user can access this website easily. In the  Alexa Internet ranking, Putlocker is among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. The UK has banned this website in 2016, due to piracy threats. Still, UK users can access this website by changing their IP address.

Putlocker has lots of hosting servers that provide you free movies and TV shows. It provides all Bollywood as well as Hollywood content. That’s why it is getting popular day by day.

What makes Putlocker popular than others

The following reasons make Putlocker more demanding than other websites:

  • It provides free content to its users.
  • Putlocker gives all the Bollywood as well as Hollywood content.
  • It provides all the latest content as well as a collection of old movies and shows.
  • It is very easy to browse Putlocker.
  • The best part is its Speed that makes it a wonderful site.

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Putlocker New Site – Watch Online HD Movies and TV shows Download

Putlocker 2021

The Putlocker website changes its domain after some time. The reason is that it is a pirated site and everybody knows that piracy is a crime. Its first URL was putlocker. It was getting the most popularity by 2012. It has around 800,000 traffic per day. After some time it got identified as a pirated site.

The UK Government has blocked its domain after the court orders in 2016. Putlocker is blocked in many countries, but it is still working in some countries. But the things don’t change, it has changed their domain. Open your browser and type Putlokr, PutlockercPutlocker Movies, Put Locker, Putlokr then, Putlockers movies, Putlocker2, putlockers2, putlockers 2, put locker search 2, etc., you will find that these are the working domains.

Today Putlocker has around 50 mirror or proxy websites. Some of them are putlockers2 com. Putlocker9 com, Putlocker is, Putlocker today, Putlocker123, 123Putlocker, etc.

Is Putlocker Illegal?

Putlocker is a torrent website. It provides you all the copyright content free of cost without permission. Everybody knows it is a crime to watch or download any pirated content. As soon as any new movie releases, Putlocker uploads it on its site for its fans. In this way, people get new movies in few days after the release. It affects the business.

The user just needs to go to the site and enter their name. After this, they can easily download any movie or show. It takes care of your unlimited entertainment forever.

Safe Measures Before Browsing Putlocker

As you get to know that Putlocker is not a regular website. It is a torrent site. Accessing any torrent site will be a crime. So you need to be extra careful while using these sites. Several Government agencies spy on your activities on the Internet. For the safety of your device, it is necessary for you to take these safety precautions before visiting the site. After all, safety should be on a prior basis.

There is a risk of viruses and hackers. When you visit the site, these hackers try to steal your personal information.

We recommend you use any best VPN services. VPN services hide your personal details as well as identity. It saves you from these hackers. There are many VPN services available on the internet- paid and free.

To protect your device from malware attacks you should use any good antivirus. This antivirus protects your devices from any harm. There are many free antivirus software available on the Internet. So don’t need to spend any cash on it.

These two steps will protect you from any risk. After this, you can access any torrent site freely. Go to the Putlocker site and search for your favorite content freely. There is also a feature of filters to narrow down the search.


Well, this is all about Putlocker 2021. We don’t recommend you to download or watch any pirated content. Share it with your near and dear ones.

Thanks for reading!

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