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Raid Shadow Legends Tier List – Get The Best Champions in The Game

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid is an action video game that has massive fights and the characters are made to do full justice to the gameplay of it. No game can be considered perfect until or unless one has deep knowledge and secret insights about the game. Only knowing how to play a game won’t take you anywhere. Instead, Knowing about the game will. Hence, we have gathered Raid Shadow Legends Tier List for our readers to help them in the further game-playing experience.

What is Raid Shadow Legends?

In this game, players go on an epic journey to vacate the land of scourge and save the realm.

In your quest, you will be amassing Champions for your army. To select the perfect Champion for your army, you might need to know about the best champions in the game.

Keep reading for further insights.

Understanding the Foreplay

To prevail in fights, you should adjust yourself to Raid: Shadow Legends’ affinities. There are four affinities altogether and every one of them offers novel benefits and weaknesses.

Affinity                                          Strength                                           Weakness

Magic                                                   Spirit                                                       Strength

Spirit                                                   Strength                                                    Magic

Strength                                              Magic                                                        Spirit

Void                                                       None                                                         None

Notwithstanding affinities, Champions additionally work under a particular job that they play in, specifically:

Assault – These are your DPS units that can make gigantic harm adversaries.

Protection – These units buff your gathering and have high utility in fight.

HP – These are your tank units. They’re useful for wiping harm off foes so your aggressors can move uninhibitedly.

Backing – They center around mending and supporting your gathering’s survivability.

The level rundown will incorporate sections that contain this data. When fabricating your list, it’s essential to observe them related to the unit’s positioning for the best outcomes.

Tiers in Raid

S Tier – The absolute best heroes in the game. Champions in the S level will perform well in any group, and in this manner, you can securely put numerous assets into these heroes.

A Tier – Champions in this level are better than expected and has a ton of potential. You can securely utilize these heroes in your group, particularly on the off chance that they have incredible cooperative energy with different bosses at present in your group.

B Tier – These heroes proceed as you’d expect, they aren’t solid in essence, yet aren’t feeble all things considered. In the event that you a boss with a particular job, capacity, and so forth you can search for them here if need be.

C Tier – In the C level, you’ll discover champions who are failing to meet expectations, and in this manner assets shouldn’t be put intensely into these heroes.

D Tier – The most vulnerable heroes with the least effect live in this level. On the off chance that you have any of these in your group, you should expect to supplant them on the off chance that you wish to augment your group’s latent capacity.

CHAMPION                              TIER              RARITY                 FACTION               ROLE               AFFINITY

Vizier Ovelis                                   S                   Legendary                  Dark Elves               Attack                    Force

Arbiter                                               S                   Legendary                  High Elves               Support                  Void

Awful el-Kazar                               S                   Legendary               Undead Hordes         Support                 Force

Big’Un                                                S                   Legendary                   Ogryn Tribes           Attack                    Magic

Martyr                                               S                    Legendary             The Sacred Order       Defense                  Spirit

Ruler Kymar                                  S                    Legendary                 Demonspawn           Support                  Magic

Rae                                                      S                    Legendary                    Dark Elves               Attack                   Magic

Sir Nicholas                                    S                    Legendary             The Sacred Order             HP                       Void

Zavia                                                  S                     Legendary                  Dark Elves                 Attack                    Force

Juliana                                              S                           Epic                  The Sacred Order          Attack                    Magic

Skullcrown                                     S                           Epic                    Knight Revenant          Attack                    Void

Tayrel                                                S                           Epic                         High Elves                Defense                 Magic

Candraphon                                   A                      Legendary                Demonspawn              Attack                   Force

Tomb King Graal                         A                      Legendary              Undead Hordes           Support                 Magic

Hakkorhn Smashlord               A                      Legendary                 Skinwalkers                    HP                    Magic

Longbeard                                      A                      Legendary                 Skinwalkers                Attack                  Magic

Lyssandra                                       A                      Legendary                  High Elves                 Support                 Void

Sovereign Eva                               A                      Legendary                  Dark Elves                  Attack                  Spirit

Rhazin Scarhide                          A                      Legendary                   Lizardmen                 Defense                Force

Regal Huntsman                         A                      Legendary                   High Elves                   Attack                 Spirit

Venus                                               A                      Legendary            The Sacred Order            Support                 Void

Warlord                                          A                      Legendary                       Orcs                         Support                 Void

Brilliant Reaper                         A                             Epic                 Knight Revenant             Support                  Void

Lua                                                   A                             Epic                       Dark Elves                    Attack                    Void

Skullcrusher                               A                              Epic                    Ogryn Tribes                  Defense                 Force

Steelskull                                     A                               Epic                    Skinwalkers                   Support                 Spirit

Alure                                              A                               Epic                  Demonspawn                   Attack                   Magic

Battlesage                                   A                                Epic                   High Elves                     Support                    Void

Doompriest                               A                                 Epic              Knight Revenant               Support                   Force

Gorgorab                                    A                                 Epic               Undead Hordes                Support                   Magic

Psylar                                          A                                   Epic                   Dark Elves                    Support                    Void

Rearguard Sergeant            A                                    Epic                    Dwarves                       Defense                    Force

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We should investigate a portion of the S-level bosses and what makes them sufficiently able to guarantee this level on the rundown.

1. Tayrel – Defense and group control beast

Tayrel is an unbelievable legend to acquire terms of tankiness.

Simply having him in your group expands the protection detail of all partners by 25% consistently.

Besides, Tayrel has a huge load of guard incredible debuffs that decline the adversaries’ protection and assault details.

Tayrel likewise has the expertise that diminishes the foe’s turn meter by half and shocks them for 2 turns if the assault exhausts their turn meter.

Due to his range of abilities, Tayrel is an amazing group control champion that can pivot a battle completely.

2. Bad-El-Kazar – Dark Spheres for quite a long time

Bad-El-Kazar is a famous pick among top players of RAID: Shadow Legends.

He is generally known for his mind-boggling expertise, Dark Sphere.

Dim Sphere harms all adversaries and mends Bad-El-Kazar and every one of his partners by 20% of the harm managed.

Bad-El-Kazar compensates for the deficiency of harm related to welcoming a healer in your group, making him a conspicuous pick for some players.

Moreover, Bad-El-Kazar can handicap all debuffs on partners and has an emanation that buffs all partners’ crit rate by 25% consistently.

These things make Bad-El-Kazar one of the absolute best heroes in the game.

3. Vizier Ovelis – Damage and debuffs

Vizier Ovelis is an inconceivable assailant and debuffer.

All of Vizier Ovelis’ abilities bargain harm and apply some sort of debuffs.

His debuffs decline the adversaries’ guard and assault details.

Vizir of Poisons, his 5 turn cooldown ability, bargains a huge load of harm as well as apply spreads the debuffs on the objective to different adversaries.

Moreover, this expertise places Perfect Veil on Vizier Ovelis for 3 turns, on the off chance that he doesn’t have at least 2 debuffs on him.

Another characteristic Vizier Ovelis is known for, is his atmosphere which expands the assault of all partners by 34% in prisons.

Best starter champion – Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

You can pick between 4 unique heroes as your starter champion, Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel.

These four heroes are all of the uncommon extraordinariness, which implies you will trade them out for epic and incredible bosses as it were.

Notwithstanding, picking the right starter champion will in any case affect your group’s solidarity for some time.

We accept the best starter champion to pick all together is Kael, Athel, Elhain, Galek.

How about we investigate every one of the starter champions to find out why we’ve decided to rank them in a specific order.


Kael is an assailant who has a place with the Dark Elves group and conveys the sorcery proclivity, which implies he bargains additional harm to those with the soul fondness. Kael groups four abilities:

Dull Bolt – Deals harm to a solitary foe and gets an opportunity of putting a 2.5% toxic substance debuff for 2 turns

Corrosive Rain – Kael calls down a downpour of corrosive which harms all foes while having a higher possibility of managing basic harm. This ability has a 3 turn cooldown.

Deteriorate – Attacks multiple times aimlessly and gets an opportunity of putting a 5% toxin debuff for 2 turns. This ability has a 5 turn cooldown.

Air – A buff that expands partner HP taking all things together fights by 15%

Given his range of abilities, Kael flourishes at AoE harm yield, while doling out some incredible debuffs at foes.

His buff, Aura, gives a huge lift to the well-being of his partners.

Any remaining starter champions do, in any case, likewise have this ability.

Kael is particularly solid against specific supervisors, later on, that could demonstrate irksome without his guide.

All things considered, Kael is an amazing, balanced assailant who dominates at AoE and bossing.

Due to this, we suggest you pick Kael as your starter champion.


Athel is an assailant who has a place with the group, The Sacred Order and conveys the wizardry proclivity, which implies she bargains additional harm to those with the soul fondness.

Athels four abilities are:

Strike Down – Attacks a foe multiple times and has a 75% opportunity to put a 25% debilitate debuff for two turns on the last hit.

Divine Blades – Athel calls down divine cutting edges harming all adversaries while having a higher possibility of managing basic harm. This expertise has a 3 turn cooldown.

Higher Blessing – Athel places a buff on herself that expands her harm by 25% for two turns. In the event that Athel has under half well-being staying, this ability puts a 30% protection increment buff on her. Besides, Athel acquires an additional turn. This expertise has a 4 turn cooldown.

Air – A buff that expands partner HP on the whole fights by 15%

Athel bargains a ton of harm and can put incredible debuffs on her adversaries and buff herself.

Athel’s details miss the mark regarding Kael’s, however, they are exceptionally close in power.

Hence, Athel is a brilliant decision in the event that you incline toward her playstyle to Kael’s.

We’ve put Athel as our subsequent option as the best starter champion.


Elhain is of the High Elves group, is an aggressor, and conveys the wizardry partiality, which makes her arrangement more harmful to champions conveying the soul proclivity.

Elhain’s four abilities are as per the following:

Sharp Shot – Elhain discharge her bow managing harm to an adversary, putting an additional hit if the assault is basic.

Lightning Arrow – Attacks a solitary adversary, at that point harms all adversaries. This assault has an extra 15% possibility of doing basic harm. Utilizing this expertise gives Elhain a 30% crit buff for 3 turns if the objective is killed. This ability has a 5 turn cooldown.

Valley of Death – Elhain fires a valley at adversaries, harming every one of them multiple times. This expertise has a 3 turn cooldown.

Emanation – A buff that builds partner HP taking all things together fights by 15%

Like Kael, Elhain centers around AoE harm yield yet misses the mark regarding how much harm Kael can dole out.

Elhain doesn’t have any capacities that help the remainder of the group with the exception of atmosphere, which any remaining starters additionally have.

On the off chance that you are looking for a hero who can’t do much else than dole out harm, at that point Elhain could be for you.

We’ve put her as our third decision as the best starter champion.


Galek is an assailant who has a place with the Orcs group and conveys the sorcery fondness, which implies he bargains additional harm to champions conveying the soul liking.

Galek’s four abilities are:

Cross Slash – Galek swings his hatchet managing harm to a solitary foe twice

Hellraiser – Attacks all adversaries with a 15% expanded basic strike possibility. Hellraiser additionally puts a 30% SPD support on Galek for 2 turns when utilized. This ability has a 3 turn cooldown.

Reviled Blade – Galek bargains harm multiple times aimlessly. Reviled Blade has a 30% possibility of setting a 30% def debuff on adversaries for 2 turns. In the event that the foe has more than 2 debuffs, Cursed Blade has a 30% possibility of setting a 60% safeguard debuff on the foe.

Atmosphere – A buff that builds partner HP altogether fights by 15%

Galek is a contender with single objective harm and some AoE.

Galek can’t, in any case, stay aware of the other starter champions regarding convenience.

He has some extraordinary debuffs, however, one is dependent upon having numerous debuffs in your group as of now.

Consequently, Galek is our fourth decision as the best starter champion.

EndNote – Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

The Raid Shadow Legends Tier List is too big to be justified in proper ranking order. We can not simply put any of the legends at a place anywhere.

Apparently, we have tried to give you a clear understanding of the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List so that one gets to play with the best legends in the game.

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You can redesign different hardware things in the game, including your players, open different trouble levels and dominances, update your gear that saints use in fights, and lift their capacities to conquer the game. It is a framework-based mission game where you can play having 12 better places with a story having a dull foe to survive and crush toward the end.

Happy Gaming 🙂

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