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Roblox 101: How to deal with free Robux scams

How to deal with free Robux scam

Free Robux Scams is a rising issue. Almost every Roblox player is facing this problem. Roblox games are the ultimate way for hackers and their results are adverse. Through these games, these scammers enter into your device and steal all your personal information. Not everyone is aware of the information that What would you do if someone hacks your Roblox Account?

To spread awareness among our fans, we have prepared a guide that tells you how you can avoid such scams and deal with free Robux Scams.

Free Robux Scam

All of us would love to play the Roblox game. “Robux” is the main ingredient of your favorite game. Robux helps you to make in-game purchases. You can get outfits, costumes, and accessories by using Robux.

Many kids love to play these games that have no access to their Parent’ credit cards.

Slowly, you get so indulged in this interesting game that you started dreaming of more and more Robux. You started scouring the internet to look for ways to “How you get Free Robux?”

How to deal with free Robux scam

The scenario of being trap by these scammers starts here. You will find many applications on the Internet that are offering Free Robux. Plus, anyone can create their account even without requiring Email on Roblox and upload their games with whatever names they want.

All of these applications are not authentic. Remember, nothing comes for free. Someday you got trapped. So, it is important to learn how to deal with this problem.

How to deal with Free Robux Scam?

In case you got scammed,  do not panic! Instead, take these major steps to recover your Roblox account and the items.

                                                   Step 1

                                             Emailing Roblox

Your first step should be to email Roblox HQ about the problem that you are facing. They will try to figure out the solution!

Tell them that you’ve been scammed and ask for their help to get your items back. Very soon, they will reply to you and ask you some details like if your account is compromised, or if someone didn’t give their part of the deal.

Again reply to them that your account was compromised.

Note: Make sure you should contact the Roblox Support team within 30 days of your account scammed.


                                                     Step 2


Roblox recommends you use its ‘Report’ feature to record in-game abuse. Whatever games you are playing on Roblox. You will find a Report Button on any side of the game. If you spot that something is wrong or feel that someone is scamming you.

Tap on the Report option at once. When you click on the Reporting option, the developers of the Roblox will try to find out what’s the matter.

                                                          Step 3

                                           Change your passwords

If you feel that your account has been hacked or you have installed any suspicious software, then you should immediately change all of your passwords, uninstall the software. Log out all the sessions immediately.

                                                         Step 4

                                            Erase all the Cookies

It is recommended you delete all the cookies. Scan your system by using a good antivirus. And create a new one.ROBLOXSECURITY cookie.

This step is essential, otherwise, your account will be used as a scam bot to spread scam.

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What else can I do to stay safe?

It is said that Prevention is better than cure. Here are some good tips that will help you to stay safe:

Link your Roblox account to an email address

Roblox provides you the feature of Login without any email address. But we recommend you to add and verify your email address,

In case you got scammed, If your account is verified, you will get their help to recover your account.

Keep all your personal information personal!

Never ever share your personal details with anyone. It includes your full name, where you live, your email, or anything else that could be used to identify you!

If someone asks you about your information, block that person. You can even report them to Roblox.

Keep your password private!

Do not share your password with anyone except

Remember, the Roblox team will never ask you for passwords. So, if someone pretends to be a Roblox Team Member and ask for your password. Don’t share. It’s a scam!

Use 2-Step Verification

2 Step verification is a good way to keep your account secure. So, Roblox always recommends its players add 2 step verification.

You will be alerted if someone tries to log in to your account.

Do not trade with a person whom you don’t know

It is a new way of scamming. Any random person contacts you make try to make a trade with you. The deal got fixed. Once you handed over your items to him. He backed you!

Leave the server and flew away. So it is better to trade with your friends and family members only.

Final Words

Well, this is all about “How to deal with Free Roblox Scam”. Immediately contact the Roblox team that will help you to recover your items. Roblox team is working great for solving such problems. Use these safety measures to protect yourself.

Join our hands and share this information as much as you can.

Thanks for reading!

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