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Roblox Arsenal Codes (April 2021)

Undoubtedly Arsenal is one of the top famous Roblox games. Due to its popularity, it got the 2019 Bloxy Award. To win in Arsenal, you won’t good weapons. Roblox Arsenal Codes is the ultimate way to unlock free goodies. By applying these Arsenal Codes, you can avail yourself of some sweet costumes, weapons, and voice packs. The new costume will sure you look great. So, we have prepared the updated list of Roblox Arsenal Codes (April 2021).

All Arsenal Working Codes

This is a complete list of all the working codes. Nobody knows when these codes could expire, so hurry up and redeem the codes as soon as possible! All of these codes are tried and tested. If the code doesn’t work. Don’t panic! Check out if you enter the code correctly.

  1. Code:     unusualbias

Redeem code for Suspicious Stranger Skin (NEW)

2. Code:  PET

Enter this code and get PetrifyTV Announcer Voice

3. Code:     ANNA

Fill this code and get Anna Skin

4. Code:    CBROX

Redeem code for Phoenix Skin

5. Code:     POKE

Fill up this code and get Poke Skin

6. Code:     EPRIKA

Enter this code and get Eprika Announcer Voice

7. Code:   FLAMINGO

Redeem code for Flamingo Announcer Voice

8. Code:    JOHN

Fill up this code Redeem for John Announcer Voice

9. Code:   KITTEN

Enter this code to redeem Koneko Announcer Voice

10. Code:   F00LISH

Redeem code for Jackeryz Skin

11. Code:     POG

Fill up this code for 1,200 Bucks

12. Code:   BLOXY

Redeem code for Free Money

13. Code:   Bandites

Enter this code to get Bandites Announcer Voice

Expired Codes

  • CastlersUnusual100k: Use this code to earn some bucks
  • CAKEBELIE: Por usar este código conseguirás una skin para tu personaje
  • ROLVE: Use this code to earn a new skin for your character
  • TheBloxies: Use this code to earn a golden skin
  • JulyDays!: Use this code to earn 200 B$
  • Soggy: Use this code to earn 600 B$

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How To Redeem Arsenal Codes On Roblox:

The process of redeeming Arsenal Codes is simple and straightforward. To redeem codes in Arsenal follow up these steps:

  •  Open up the game and Find out the Twitter icon
  • Here you will find the pop-up screen with the message” Enter the code here”.
  • Type or paste the code here and tap on Redeem Button.
  • You will get your reward in your inventory.

Free Skins

To avail of other skins, you need to follow some different techniques. You will get Froggy Skin as well as Karambit Skin by completing in-game tasks, challenges, and various objectives. Here are a few free skins:

How to get the Froggy Skin

To get Froggy Skin to follow up these steps:

To get Forggy Skin in Arsenal, look up at the Boulevard map. Choose the way of Stinky’s Gasoline Gas Station. Find out a little frog there by the dumpster.

Wait till the frog gets big enough. When the frog grows big and began to move, follow him to the apartment. Soon it will start doing movements like shooting the boards. it will knock you out.

The next step is to select the map, team mode, or game type and deploy. Then you will load into an apartment with your team. There you will find a note that says:

“Lizzy Says: Protect the cute green frogs! The dastardly ducks have teamed up with the terrible teddies and are attacking the frogs! Watch out for their boss, the ever so annoying and evil midi; she might show her face ’round these parts!”

To earn this Froggy skin you need to score 1,000 points in the carnival game. Shoot all the objects except frogs. If you by chance hit any frog, your points will decrease. When you obtain 1000 points check out your locker, there you will get a Froggy skin.

How to get the Karambit Skin

There are two ways to get Karambit skin in your locker. The instant way is to purchase it from the in-game shop. Currently, this skin is not available in the shop. So you need to wait until it shows in the shop.

Another way is to try your luck. There is a great possibility that you will get Karambit Skin in the Melee case. But the melee case will cost you 900 B$. But it not sounds good to spend 900 B$ and then try your luck. You don’t know your luck will work or not. So if you are really desperate for this skin then go and try your luck.

Otherwise, we will recommend you to wait till this skin get available in the item store. Once it gets available, spend 1500 B$ to get this skin. Until try to earn some BattleBucks by completing some quests.

Wrap Up

Well, this is all about Roblox Arsenal Codes (April 2021). Redeem all the items in your locker before it gets expired. All these are tried and 100% working codes. In case of any difficulty while redeeming the code, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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