Roohi Movie Box Office: Check Total Collection & Income Report Till Today

Roohi Movie Box Office

Roohi is going with its stable and decent box office run. The movie is collecting satisfactory numbers even with a hard-hitting competition with two of the movies including Godzilla and Mumbai Saga. The journey of the movie has been started two weeks ago and maintain a constant income run at the box office. Now, it is performing in its third weekend with a hope to face growth in the upcoming weekend along with the Festival of Holi. Well, Roohi is the winner in terms of first-day box office collection. Get the rest of the information regarding the Roohi Box Office Collection.

Roohi Movie

Well, Roohi has ruled in its first weekend but the scenario has been changed along with its second weekend. Especially after the release of  Mumbai Saga. The struggle for the movie has been raised after the release of the Hollywood Monster drama. Roohi has generated much pre-release buzz and it also proved beneficial for the movie during its theatrical run. The second weekend of the movie is also supportive of the movie. The pace of the movie gets affected after the release of Godzilla vs Kong.

As far as we concerned the total box office collection of the movie, Roohi has gone past the mark of Rs 23 crores. It is being assumed that it will take advantage of the upcoming festival and enhance fetching box office numbers for sure. Initially, it has assumed that the movie will terminate with a total box office collection of around Rs 20 crores. But now, because of the beneficial response of the audience for the movie. Now, it can take its total toward Rs 25 crores. It is being expected that the movie will get privileges of the festival and will bring out a beneficial outcome.

It is supposed the movie will affect due to the spike in the COVID cases in the past few weeks. It will shut some of the most beneficial circuits of the movie. Roohi has done well even after the mixed to poor reviews for the movie. The rest of the entertaining element of Roohi immensely support and make it up to this. Initially, it had been supposed that it would conclude with a mark of Rs 20 crores. But Roohi has done more than it expected. It Features Rajkumar Rao, Varun Sharma, and Janhvi Kapoor in vital roles. Stay tuned with us for more information and all the latest updates on Roohi Box office Collection.