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Rudy Giuliani tests positive for coronavirus

At public health officials,’ Trump and his close associates balked ordered to wear face masks and avoid crowded places to stem transmission of the respiratory disease which has soared to record levels within the US as winter approaches. The lawyer of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus, Trump informed, prompting to close a state legislature for a week after Giuliani visited to persuade lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s election defeat.

The 76 year old former New York mayor is that the latest during a long string of individuals on the brink of the White House, including Trump himself, sickened during a pandemic that has killed more than 280K Americans. He was the mob busting u.s attorney. Here in new york, he cut crimes as new york city mayor. Two terms changed the culture of this city guide new york through 9/11. He has put his heart and soul into everything he does into his current mission, and he was even on with Maria Bartiromo. This morning despite this diagnosis of coronavirus.

Somebody that not only people in New York know but is known nationwide as a hero after 9/11 and most lately as the president’s most vigorous defender when it comes to the election challenges. The president broke the news on where else but Twitter. This is what the president had to say; he said, @RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in the history of NYC, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election (by far!). In the history of the USA, it has tested positive for the coronavirus. Get better soon Rudy; we will carry on!!!.

The former new york city mayor of the latest news there is testing positive for coronavirus. The president is keeping a reasonably low profile today after that stop in south Georgia last night campaigning for those two senate GOP candidates, his first rally since last month’s election. In his speech, the president said, the peach state senate runoff’s stakes could not be any higher. The most important runoff probably in American history. It’s a first time like this where you have two at one time. At least you have two beauties, and You also have two beauties running against them. Not to be outdone, Democrats are relying on their high-profile surrogates’ former president Obama campaigning virtually. Democrats say, more than 500000 people watched his event, and that the party saw a huge surge in volunteers afterward tonight. Here, we are watching what will be going on with the food and drug administration this week. It is expected to hold an emergency meeting to discuss whether or not to authorize Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine candidate. A vaccine that’s believed to be some 95 percent effective today, we heard from the HHS Secretary Alex Azar, who says HHS is working hard to distribute the vaccine as soon as it’s approved.

Now, as we are looking at a historic accomplishment six months from when I created operation warp speed at the president’s direction. And, also we are looking at having multiple vaccines FDA approved and close to 40 million doses of FDA approved vaccine releasable by the end of this year.

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