Save 33% on this Starbucks coffee and espresso brewer

Your daily trip to Starbucks may not seem so disastrous at first glance—$3 for a cup of energy, ambiance, and joy feels like a reasonable price to pay. Over time, however, that number grows…and grows….and grows.

For example, say you buy a $2 coffee just four days a week. Over the course of 10 years, that coffee habit will cost you a whopping $6,148! Meanwhile, if you took that money and instead invested it into something that averaged 7% returns in 10 years, you would have earned close to $15k. Yup, you read that right, fifteen thousand dollars. 

Now, if those numbers freak you out, then maybe it is time to cut out your expensive coffee habit and instead invest in an at-home brewer that will save you loads of money in the long run. One of our favorites is the Starbucks Verismo System, Coffee, and Espresso Single Serve Brewer.

This multifunctional system is equipped with innovative, Swiss-engineered, dual-pressure technology that can brew your favorite Starbucks coffee and espresso shots with ease—no barista required! You can even create authentic, cafe-style drinks with the help of Verismo pods, which are available in Starbucks’ signature blends, roasts, espressos, teas, and different kinds of milk. The technology behind the machine means you need to do is press a button, and, voila, a steaming cup of Starbucks coffee for a fraction of the price.

If that sounds deliciously affordable, it’s because it is. Right now, you can bring home this awesome coffee and espresso brewer for only $133.99—that’s 33% off! Your barista may not be happy, but your wallet will.

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