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Supercell Announces Three New Clash Games – Clash Mini, Clash Quest and Clash Heroes

CoC introduces 3 new games


  • Supercell introduces three new Clash Games in the Clash universe today.
  • These games are  Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes.
  • The new games are under beta development and will release according to the feedback of users.

Supercell- the developers of Clash of Clans are ready to hit the universe of Clans with 3 brand new Clash Games.

These games are Clash Quest, a turn-based tactical adventure game; Clash Mini, a virtual board game where you build teams of adorable miniatures; and Clash Heroes, a co-op action roleplaying game.

Supercell announced that these 3 games are totally different from the previous Clash of Clans game. But you can see familiar characters from the games- Clash of Clans and Clash of Clans Royale. Through these new games, the developers want to target new players who have not experienced the CoC games yet.

Let’s have a look at the blog post:

The three new games saying that these are “nothing like prior Clash games.” The company also wants to broaden Clash to new players who haven’t experienced it before. The new games are currently in development and haven’t been officially launched yet. Supercell said it will collect feedback from players, and accordingly decide whether to launch the games. “If they don’t meet the standards though, we’ll kill them and move on to other attempts – related to Clash or not,”

Clash Quest is an adventurous game. The players need to create troops to fight with their enemies.  The players will arrange their troops on a grid-based map. This game is being developed at Supercell’s headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Clash Mini is a virtual board game. It seems inspired by the ‘auto chess’ genre. It features a miniature of real Clash characters. This game is developed at Supercell’s newer outpost in Shanghai, China.

Clash Heroes is an action-adventure game.  The players have to go to new lands and embark on grand quests. This game gives Diablo a vibe. It seems to be the most interesting game.

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