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Telegram brings Group Video Call along with other Exciting features | Check Details here

Telegram new features

Key Specifications

  • Telegram adds new features with its latest updates.
  • The update also lets users share their screen during group video calls

Telegram added a bunch of new features in its latest update. These features include Group Video Calls, Screen Sharing, Noise Suppression in Voice Chats, Animated backgrounds, a dedicated Bot Menu, and many more.

The Group Video Call feature can be used for online classes, business meetings, and family gatherings. It has also added new animated emojis and enabled the import of customized third-party stickers as well.

Telegram has brought some interface-level changes through the latest updates. These changes include adding an animated background, a new message sending animation and a new animated emoji.

Group video calling and Screen Sharing

Telegram has added a significant feature of Group Video Calling. It now allows users to make group voice calls. Currently, it is limited to the first 30 people joining a conversation on the platform.

This simply means that you can’t add more than 29 members to your group video calls on Telegram. But nonetheless, Telegram has promised to increase that limit soon.

Users can make group video calls by tapping the ‘Share my video’ option in any active session. Telegram has claimed that it will increase this limit soon as voice chats take on streaming games, live events, and more

Additionally, Telegram enabled improved noise suppression in voice chats to make audio clearer. However, users can disable noise suppression in case they intentionally want some of the ambient noise to seep into the call.

Animated Backgrounds along with creating and sharing options

Telegram also adds some new, interface-level changes as a part of its latest update. These changes include animated backgrounds that have multi-color gradient wallpapers, which are generated algorithmically and move each time when you send a message.

Users can also create their own animated backgrounds by selecting multiple colours and patterns. Once created, you can share your backgrounds with your contacts.

Users can find more animated backgrounds in Settings. Android: Chat Settings > Change Chat Background. iOS: Appearance > Chat Background.

Enhanced user security measures and messaging interface with new animated emojis

Telegram also adds the Login Info Reminders feature. This ensures a user can always log in to his or her account. In case the phone number has changed, users can quickly update it right from the new reminder in Settings on iOS.

Users on all platforms will receive a notification from Telegram each time their Two-Step Verification settings are changed. Moreover, users can now send stickers and emojis  from keyboards into the chat window

In another interface change on iOS, Telegram has introduced transparent backgrounds which are now partially visible through the header and the footer in chats, giving the interface a classy new look.

Two new gradient app icons are available in Settings > Appearance in addition to the classic blue and black versions.

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