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TV prices likely to rise from next month : Details Inside

LED prices to rise

Consumers looking to buy a TV in the coming months may pay more. LED TV prices are expected to rise as the price of open mobile phones has risen more than 35% in the last year. Brands like Panasonic, Haier and Thomson are considering raising prices from April this year, according to the PTI report. Other brands, such as LG, have increased their prices due to the high cost of opening a mobile cell.

“Panel prices continue to rise and TV prices rise in April,” said Mannish Sharma, president of Panasonic India and South Asia.

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Key reasons for TV prices to rise

When asked about the rise, he said: “Given the current situation, it could rise from 5 to 7 per cent in April. Haier India President Eric Braganza said that is the reason and it is impossible.” prices have gone up drastically and are likely to continue to rise, “Braganza said. If this continues, we need to keep prices going up.” Since the bottom group owns 60% of the TV group, product prices have a big impact on product prices When a company acquires an open TV group cell, the company launches it for sale before connecting TVs with value added.

“Over the past eight months, board prices have risen every month and the LED TV segment has risen more than 350%. Globally, the committee market is slowing. However, SPPL chairman Avneet Singh Marwah said: “It has increased by 35% in the last 30 days. “He added that TV group prices will rise by at least Rs. 2,000-3,000 from April. The company, which is owned by Videotex International, said it had never seen or expected such a price increase for eye drops.

“Since the 32-inch is the best-selling in India, the price of the 32-inch screen is expected to rise from 5,000 to 6,000 rupees,” said Arjun Bajaaj, director of the Videotex International group.

We will not raise the price of the TV board. “So far there has been no increase in TV prices. Due to rising board prices, prices rose 7-4% in January and 3% in February. Vice President of Indian Electric Power Company, Vijay, added that the mobile industry dominates the Chinese industry and claims that Chinese TV manufacturers get good prices from them. Or, with the exception of China, where all committee members are. “


Undoubtedly, China has been ruling the tech market across the globe. The panel rates have lately been inflated and as a result, the TV prices are expected to rise from the next month.

Though the price rise isn’t much, but if you are planning on buying that bigger LED for your home, you should buy this month instead. Why pay few pennies extra ?

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