Ubisoft and Crytek reportedly stolen ransomware, Watch Dogs: Legion source code states that the attack was allegedly carried out by the Ager group. “The data allegedly taken from each company was released on Tuesday,” he says.

The way hackers managed to exfiltrate data is unknown at the moment and both companies remained silent at the request of our partners. On the other hand, the agaror group is more talkative.

He claims to have entered the Ubisoft network and stolen data, without encrypting the data on the company’s servers. In contrast, “Cryotek is fully encrypted,” he told According to the hackers, no talks are going on in the two companies.

“If Ubisoft does not contact us, we will start publishing source code for the next Watch Dogs and their engines,” they warn. At the moment, the data posted online does not allow us to authenticate that they have the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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