Users Can Now Add Passwords, Merge or Split Files using New Adobe Tools

Adobe Acrobat Adds Multiple Useful Tools for PDFs on Web

Adobe Acrobat Desktop app has many features which now has been added to Adobe desktop as well. Users can now Add passwords, Merge or Split files using New Adobe tools. Users can also use specific PDF tools such as editing text and images with an Acrobat subscription.

Adobe mentioned in a blog post that ” Adobe said that converting files into PDFs, e-signing files, or compression and decompression of files, would become free and easy to do now. It’s Web’s new tools will allow users do PDF tasks through the browser itself, without requiring any desktop software or app.”

Users can now easily add a password to the pdf files. They can split a file into many and combine many files into one as well. Moreover, many shortcuts have also added. These shortcuts are added to quickly access features. The shortcuts are,,,, and

Furthermore, users fill and sign forms online, reorder PDF pages, compress, edit, rotate and delete PDF files/pages.

According to a blog post when Google partnered with Adobe in July 2020, to test Acrobat shortcuts for the ‘.new’ domain and saw over 10 million clicks since then. These features are sufficient if you have to do day-to-day tasks using adobe. But if you are professionally connected with Adobe, and you require many other features then you may go for its subscription.

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So, readers, this is all about Adobe’s new feature updation. I hope you like reading it. Thank you!

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