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What PUBG fans are thinking about Fau-G game: Reviews

What PUBG fans are thinking about Fau-G game_ Reviews

FAUG launched last week and surpassed the five million download mark in such a short span of time. Before actually comparing the two or sharing reviews, I would like to share a brief about FAUg for the users who are unknown to the game.

FAUG is fearless and United guards, an action role-playing game just like PUBG. Though the game is interesting, users saying that it’s not up to the mark and is not fulfilling exact gameplay features like PUBG. So in a week, its rating fell down to 3.2 from 4.5. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, FAU-G continues to remain the top free game on Google Play in India.

The game got so many one-star reviews and comparison comments.

One of the users wrote on Google playstore for PUBG “What I actually expected was that it will replace the position of PUBG, but when I played it, I realized that it is the worst game I ever played in my life. This thing is really disappointing,”.

With a large number of negative reviews, the game still comes on the top as a free game with millions of downloads.

FAU-G came into the scene when the government banned the PUBG game in India. IT was launched as a substitute to PUBG but it does not meet the expectations and thus gained negative reviews from hard-core players, especially. Instead of offering a battle royale experience, FAU-G was made with simple gameplay in which the player has to just do a fistfight with enemies. There are no guns.

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Here is a glance at what users are saying about FAU-G,

  • There are no guns, only hand-to-hand fighting.
  • Zero skills involved.
  • Graphics are fine but there is a problem while taking turns.
  • It’s PURE garbage.

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