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Whatsapp in-app banner to address privacy policy update

In the coming weeks, Whatsapp will offer a banner within the chats to provide more information on its privacy policy and users will have to accept it by May 15.

Whatsapp is ready to launch its new privacy policy in India via a whole new campaign. This time messaging giant will offer sufficient time to users to understand the privacy policy and then accept. The most important part of this brand new campaign of Whatsapp is a tiny banner that will appear on the top of the chat. Users will have to click on the “Tap to review” option to read it.

Earlier in January Whatsapp decided to implement its privacy policy but after facing backlash from users, the messaging giant gas postponed it to May 15.

To clear all the confusion regarding the privacy policy Whatsapp will offer new features within the app. Last time there was no option to decline or accept the privacy changes but now users will have enough time to read and then accept the changes.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: changes that WhatsApp users should be aware of

  • Whatsapp is working on hew ways to chat with a business account but at the same time personal chays will remain end to end encrypted.
  • The application will now utilize the Status feature to share their values and updates straight from WhatsApp.
  • In the next few weeks, Whatsapp will offer a banner in Whatsapp chats containing all the information regarding privacy policy and users can read at the own pace.
  • The sole motive of this small banner is to remind users to review and accept the new updates.
  • WhatsApp claims that in order to keep the app free for users, they charge businesses to provide customer service on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: What’s the deadline, and what happens if you do not accept the new Privacy Policy

Initially, the Whatsapp privacy policy had a deadline of 8th February 2021 but because of backlash, the Facebook-owned app has delayed it to May 15, 2021.

The new update will go into implementation on 15th May and users will have to accept these updates. Those who will not do so, will unable to use Whatsapp.

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