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WhatsApp is working on new Features that makes it easy to migrate Chat history from iOS to Android | Check How it Works?

WhatsApp new feature

Key Specifications

  • WhatsApp is bringing new features of the Migration of chats between different operating systems easier.
  • Chats can be moved individually through Email.
  • This feature is currently under development.

Instant Messaging application WhatsApp is working on a new tool that makes it easy to switch Chat history between platforms, especially from iOS to Android. Presently, WhatsApp allows users to keep their account information including profile photo, name, about, individual chats, group chats, and settings while switching. But, it doesn’t allow for moving chat history.

Chat history plays an important role, especially in Business conversations. Chat history migration is not available yet. But according to an exclusive report, WhatsApp is working to fix this issue soon.

Firstly, in April, WhatsApp features tracker Wabetainfo gave a hint that WhatsApp could soon make transferring chats from Android to iOS possible. Now, an XDA reported the same possibilities as well.

To transfer chats from Android to iOS and vice versa, users will have to update their app to the latest version.

How to transfer your chat backup on WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Presently, there is no official way available to transfer your chat backup. The reason behind this is that iOS store’s backups on iCloud for iPhone users, whereas WhatsApp for Android has backups on Google Drive. Now, users will be able to export the chat through Mail. But it’s a little lengthy process as users have to export the chats individually. To transfer the chats, follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone and swipe left on the chat that you wish to export.
  • Tap on More in the menu that appears. Select the Export Chat option.
  • From the Share menu, choose the Mail option.
  • Enter the email address and Tap Send.
  • On your Android phone, follow the same procedure each time for every chat that you want to transfer.
  • The next step is to install Whatsapp on your Android device. In case you already installed it, delete it. Reinstall once again. It will ask you for OTP and other information. Finish the setup process and when the option to restore comes up, select the Restore option to complete the setup.
    Tap on Next.
  • All of your exported chats should appear on your Android phone.

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