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WhatsApp might soon allow users to verify log-in with new ‘Flash Calls’ feature

WhatsApp new feature

Key Specifications

  • WhatsApp is currently working on its new feature- Flash Calls.
  • This new feature will help the users to log in to their WhatsApp Account quickly and safely.
  • WhatsApp will call and end it automatically for verification

It is reported that Currently, WhatsApp is working on its new feature that will help the users to log in to their account quickly. This Flash Calls feature is currently in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update

Today, WhatsApp is using an SMS verification code system. When a user tries to log in to their WhatsApp account, a 6 digit verification code is sent to the user’s registered number. This process took lots of time.

According to the reports, this feature, currently under development, will be available in a future update.

How does it work?

WhatsApp Flash Call feature

WhatsApp will use the call history of the user. When a user tries to log in to its WhatsApp account, WhatsApp will call your phone number using this automatic verification method, and then automatically end the call.

After that, it will verify the last number from the user’s call log. Every time, it will call from a different number to ensure a safe experience. However, WhatsApp needs the permission of the user to access their call log.

WhatsApp also ensures that it won’t access the user’s call history for other purposes. Flash Calls feature will roll out for Android users only. iOS smartphone users won’t be getting the feature as Apple doesn’t offer any public API to read the call history.

However, this feature is totally optional and users will still be able to verify themselves using the existing methods.

According to certain reports, this Flash Call feature will make logging into multiple devices easier when multi-device support rolls out. But still, it is a big query whether entering the SMs received is easier than inserting a sim card to another device just for calls.

Still, this feature is under development and it is expected that they will soon find out the solution to this problem soon.

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