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WhatsApp video calls could soon replace Zoom on your desktop

In this tech savvy age where video calling has replaced almost all face-to-face interaction, it’s hard to believe that some of the most popular mobile clients still have very dull desktop support. WhatsApp is one such app, and it currently has no video or voice calling on its desktop platform known as Whatsapp web. But that might be about to change. WhatsApp is preparing to add video and voice calls to WhatsApp Web, making it a good alternative to Zoom for your desktop video conferencing needs.

Until now, WhatsApp Web has been a very basic tool, only useful for sending and receiving text and images, but if the developer’s teams are to believe then the team have been working hard, and it will be possible to use the online app to make both voice and video calls in near future.

As reported by the team at WABetaInfo who specialize in discovering upcoming WhatsApp features by analyzing  the app’s source code there are changes in interface. Among those changes are there will be buttons that will  let you make voice and video calls without having to switch over to your phone. The  buttons for calls will appear at the top right of the web interface. While a call is in progress a small pop-up will appear to show you its status that will allow you to browse the web in other browser tabs at the same time.

Although the official announcement is yet to be made, WABetaInfo suggests it could arrive in a few weeks time, as the update seems to be nearly complete.Given the fact that the features look pretty much ready to go, it wouldn’t make sense for WhatsApp to hold it back for long time. Especially when there is  increasing competition from companies like Zoom. We’ll keep you updated as soon as it is made available by  Whatsapp.

Also since, Zoom is only now embracing end-to-end encrypted calls in their new beta program. WhatsApp, which already encrypts everything by default now  just has to roll this out before someone else does it. If you only use WhatsApp in your phone, not the desktop, then also there are still lots of interesting features in the pipeline, including the ability to remove photos from the  chat that aren’t stored on the recipient’s phone even after they have viewed it already. Currently WhatsApp allows for a maximum of 8 people in its video calling feature on mobile. The 50 people video calling feature will be made available to both Android and iOS users. With Facebook owning WhatsApp, combining the two is not a very difficult task and it doesn’t involve too much red tape and hassle for the developers and will empower them in the video calling market. If you want to try the latest features, you’ll need to join WhatsApp’s beta program. Unfortunately the program for Apple devices is full at this moment, though it is worth keeping an eye on the Testflight page to see if some space opens up.