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Who Is Mr Conqueror In PUBG? Know All About This Pro PUBG Player

PUBG being one of the most popular games worldwide, has many followers throughout the world and the number of players who play PUBG are too high. It is true that many gamers play PUBG but  do you know who is the pro player of PUBG? The gaming community is growing significantly due to the increase in the numbers of pro players around the world. All these pro players and streamers are continuously guiding and inspiring newcomers or gaming fans with their incredible gameplay. So today we are going to tell you about one of the PUBG Indian players who is popular by the name Mr Conqueror.

The most popular Indian PUBG streamer Mr Conqueror has really good skills and he streams his games on YouTube. His actual name is Madan and this Mr Conqueror streams many battle royale games on his YouTube channel on a daily basis. Mr Conqueror has around more than 530K subscriber count on his YouTube channel. Madan started his gaming YouTube channel in March 2019, almost one and a half years ago, and till date he has uploaded more than 353 videos. The first video on his official YouTube channel dates back to March 2019. Since then, there has been no looking back, and he has continuously uploaded 353 videos in that time period. On his YouTube channel there are more than 73 million combined views. Mr Conqueror in PUBG has approximately played 114 squad matches in the ongoing season of PUBG Mobile game and the popular streamer has won 66 matches out of those 114 matches which basically means Madan has won 57.9% games. According to some of the reports, Madan has finished in the top ten for more than 101 times. There is a huge fan base for the PUBG game in India and all over the world. Being said that, Mr Conqueror also has a very huge fan base. His fans really love his games and they learn a lot from his games. There are many who follow him and they have also started their own YouTube channel.

If we talk further about the achievements of Mr Conqueror then he has a very good  Kill / Death ratio of 5.83, and he has notched 665 kills. The average damage per match is around 865.4 has been making many other good players wonder how impressive his gaming style is. Right now, Mr Conqueror or Madan has not played any squad matches in the latest season of PUBG Mobile which is the Season 15. But Madan had been a part of 32 solo games. The popular Indian PUBG streamer has also achieved six Chicken Dinners and 14 top-ten finishes, and currently has an overwhelming Kill / Death ratio of 6.75 with 216 kills.

You can watch all the videos on his YouTube channel, the name of the channel is  M A D A N.He has recently started another channel, named M A D A N Live. Although he hasn’t uploaded any content there for a while.