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Who is now actually the GOAT of men’s tennis? Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

The Grand Slam 2020 season has completed and we all know Rafael Nadal has tied with Roger Federer at 20 major championships. The record is followed by Novak Djokovic at 17. So now that Rafael Nadal equalled Roger Federer men’s singles grand slam record, the most important question that everyone has is who is actually the best? Is it Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer? Till now the common belief was Roger Federer as he had more titles but now the same argument can’t be made. So let us see who should be the GOAT og men’s tennis.

Williams, who has won 23 major single trophies, which is the most by anyone in the professional era and second to Margaret Court’s all-era standard of 24 said that we should not compare two people who are equally great. He also added that both Nadal and Federer have spectacular careers that 99% of people can only dream of. He mentioned that he is a big fan of both.

Nadal has his 20 which is  at least one at each Slam and at least one in each of three decades. His 13 at Roland Garros are more than anyone won at any of the tournaments. Nadal leads Roger Federer 24-16 head-to-head. He leads Djokovic 5-4 in Grand Slam finals. At the same time, Roger Federer has his 20 and a career Slam too. He holds the record for most weeks at No 1 in the rankings of ATP. The 17 titles of Djokovic makes him the man with more than 14 and like Rafael Nadal, has won one in three decades. His totals for tour titles and match wins are the highest of the group. He leads the series with both Nadal 29 – 27 and Federer 27 – 23.

The fans of Rafael Nadal are saying thatNadal should get this accolade as he has achieved the slam milestone at a younger age than Roger Federer. On the other hand, Djokovic can also claim to be the best as he currently stands on 17 titles and at age 33 has a great chance to overtake both Roger and Rafael ashis physical capabilities and basically being very low risk on long term injuries. He also has a better one-on-one result against the other two. He has won 4 grand slams in a row and also he has a 3-0 record against Roger Federer in Wimbledon finals. Rafael Nadal is definitely the greatest clay courter with 13 of his 20 grand slam titles coming on the surface.

Roger Federer has won eight Wimbledon men’s singles titles, with six Australian Open titles, five US Open titles and one French Open title. The all-court game and versatile style of play of Federer involve exceptional footwork and shot-making. Federer also won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award five times continuously from 2005 to 2008. Roger Federer is one of the highest paid sportsmen of 2020 just further shows that he is truly and obviously the greatest tennis player we have seen. So we can still say that Roger is GOAT of men’s tennis.