Why Fans Don’t Like Britini, Brent, & Derek F

Big Brother 23 fans don’t like Britini D’Angelo, Brent Champagne, and Derek Frazier for different reasons. Find out what the BB23 fans are saying.

As the Big Brother 23 houseguests have reached the third week inside the house, the fans are starting to name their least favorite players this summer, which include Britini D’Angelo, Brent Champagne, and Derek Frazier. So far, this season has been well-received amongst fans, as it is not nearly as predictable and unentertaining as most recent seasons. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t houseguests that viewers are ready to see walk out the door on eviction night. Among those players are Britini, Brent, and Derek F.

Both Britini and Derek F were chosen to be a part of the Jokers Team on night one by Brandon Frenchie. Unfortunately for them, team captain Frenchie was sent packing last week. Britini actually found herself sitting alongside Frenchie on the block last week. Frenchie was ultimately evicted by an 11-1 vote. Brent, on the other hand, is a part of the Aces Team, which has Whitney Williams as a captain. This week, both Brent and Britini found themselves on the block.

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While it is perceived that Brent will be evicted on Thursday night should he not win the Power of Veto, Big Brother 23 fans would not mind if Britini left either. According to a Reddit thread (seen below), the fans users have been discussing why they are not fans of Brent, Britini, and Derek F. Brent is mostly disliked because of his ego and due to how he acts around women in the house. Just one week into the competition, Brent was accused by live feed viewers of touching Hannah Chaddha inappropriately. One user noted, “He sees himself as the head honcho of the house and has had a couple of misogynistic comments towards a few women.” In fact, this is the main reason why most houseguests are hoping to evict Brent later this week.

As for Britini, many viewers believe that she is taking the game too personally. Although it is never easy to be nominated for eviction, Britini became notably upset and emotional after both nomination ceremonies. She has also repeatedly stated that it is not fair that she is on the block. While this can be irritating for some viewers, most are understanding that her autism plays a role in her emotional reactions. One user saw both sides of the argument, explaining, “I’m empathetic to her situation and the crying/meltdowns are not really why I don’t like her. She feels entitled to not sitting on the block and constantly complains about how she’s “done nothing” to be put up.” Both last week and this week, it was made known to Britini that she is just a pawn. While at times pawns do go home, Britini should feel confident that she is safe considering the players she has been nominated alongside. Despite the occasional rouge vote, Britini was safe by a majority vote last week, and that is predicted to happen again this week.

Derek Frazier is not liked by Big Brother fans because he is targeting some of the fans’ favorite houseguests and was also quite close with Frenchie, who many viewers did not like. Many agree that Derek F can also be a little annoying at times. He is perceived as being an overall bad player, which is also a letdown to the high expectations that many had for him. The reasons behind these cast members not being favorited by fans are nothing too extreme, aside from Brent’s incidents with Hannah and statements toward women.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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